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Brazilian Butt Lift General Information Beverly Hills

“I want a beautiful butt”
“I want to lift my butt”
“I want a bigger butt”
“I want a rounder butt”
“I want a J-Lo butt”
“I want a sexy butt”
“My butt is too flat”
“My butt is sagging”

Everyone wants a sexy gorgeous butt like J-Lo and Jessica Beal. Unfortunately everyone wasn’t blessed with a voluptuous derriere. But there is hope with our Brazilian Butt Augmentation which is sometimes referred to as Brazilian Butt Lift. One thing is for sure butts are in. We want every patient to participate in her healthcare and surgical design and therefore it is your choice as to how big or how much you want your buttocks augmented. Ultimately the size of your buttocks is dependent on the amount of available fat for transfer. Brazilian Butt Augmentation/Lift is not just about injecting fat into the buttocks. The objective is to make the buttocks like a bowl. To do this, we first we have to sculpture out the most aesthetically pleasing buttocks by performing liposculpturing on the hip, especially the part above the buttocks; if the outer things are large or blending into the outer buttocks then we have to sculpture the outer things as well; it is also important to remove excess fat in the low back that is above and between the buttocks which is called the sacral area. There are other nuances to sculpturing a beautiful butt that is carried out when needed based upon the overall pre-surgical aesthetics of the buttocks. Usually patients want liposculpturing of the abdomen, upper inner thighs and the area under the sides of the bra to obtain enough fat for the autologous fat transfer (AFT) which means your own fat is used. Patients who don’t have enough fat sometimes ask if they can use their sister’s or mother’s fat and the answer is no because you will reject their fat. The fat is sterilely collected, washed with double antibiotic solutions and placed in 60 cc syringes for injection. Prior to surgery in pre-op you are strategically marked for liposculpturing and Brazilian Butt Augmentation/Lift with autologous fat transfer. Three equal horizontal zones of the buttocks are identified and marked. These zones identify the upper, middle, and lower buttocks. Fat will be added equally to all three zones with a slightly larger volume placed in the center zone for additional projection. The fat is injected with a very small blunt cannula. Fifty percent of the fat is injected into the buttock muscle (gluteus maximus) and the other fifty percent is injected into the deep fat just above the muscle. Our technique produces a beautiful result that is 100% natural to look and feel. With our Brazilian Butt Augmentation/Lift you will look hot in a two piece or one piece bathing suit, lingerie, tight jeans, mini-skirt, form fitting dress or simply in your birthday suit! WE KNOW BUTTS. NINETY-EIGHT PERCENT OF WOMEN NATIONALY OR INTERNATIONLLY COMING TO US FOR LIPOSCULPTURING HAVE OUR ONE OF A KIND BRAZILIAN BUTT AUGMENTATION.


Patients often ask after my Brazilian Butt Augmentation how much fat will last. Our fat viability after removal with our technique yielded an 88% survival rate as verified by UCLA in one of their published research papers looking at liposuction for adult stem cells. That being said our national and international patients tell us that 80-90% of the fat last. In fact what you have after three months will last permanently. Patients also ask if they diet and exercise will they lose the Brazilian Butt Augmentation. The answer is no. We want you to lead a healthy and active live and enjoy your Brazilian Butt.