About the Procedure

About Brazilian Butt Augmentation Beverly Hills

Buttock aesthetics are not solely dependant on the gluteal muscles (buttock muscle). The overall shape of the buttocks is also influence by the bony pelvic anatomy, fat distribution, and, to a lesser degree, skin, if there is laxity or overhang. Without a doubt, the most significant contributor to shape is fat.

Excess fat in the sacrum, upper buttock, flank, and outer legs will distort shape and contour.

Butt Enlargement Patient


  • The buttock muscle has a “football” shape with a slightly wider base. (see photo 1)
  • A well developed buttock has very little presacral fat, a visible V zone is apparent that further accentuates the upper inner muscle anatomy. (see photo 2)

Butt Augmentation Patient

  • The gluteal unit is defined inferiorly (bottom) by the inferior gluteal crease.

The gluteal unit

  • The most important contributor to gluteal aesthetics is the volume of fat distribution in all four quadrants. There should be equal volumes in all four quadrants.

4 Buttock Quadrants

  • Inner gluteal-leg junction: Inferior gluteal aesthetics is defined by a diamond shape at the intergluteal-leg junction. The medial buttock cheeks have a 45-degree takeoff from the inter-gluteal line and flow into the inferior gluteal crease, which terminates at or just beyond the midbuttock line.

Inner gluteal-leg junction

On side view there is an S-sweep curve (lazy S) from the lower back as it comes into contact with the buttocks and most of the gluteal volumn is located in the central zone.

S-sweep curve and buttock zones

Brazilian Butt Augmentation

I have traveled to Brazil over 17 times over the past 18 years; I know and understand the country, culture, people, beauty, fashions and language. Brazilian beauty is more focused on the body and buttocks as opposed to the breast. “To create beauty, you have to know beauty”.

The Brazilian Butt Augmentation (BBA), also known as Brazilian Butt Lift involves the use of the patient’s own fat  from a liposculpturing procedure which is then concentrated and used to augment the buttock volume and enhance the shape of the buttocks for the individual patient.

We first sculpture out the most aesthetically pleasing buttocks with liposculpturing by aesthetically removing fat from the hips, back area above the buttocks as well as other areas one may desire to have fat removed such as the abdomen, outer and inner thighs etc. The fat is collected, processed, and concentrated and then our special technique is used to strategically inject the fat into the buttock muscle and deep fat just above the muscle to produce the ultimate buttocks that everyone wants. The injection is performed through a small incision (no longer than this line —) under the buttock check. A very small cannula is used to inject the fat.

The use of fat to enhance the shape and increase the volume of the buttocks is the preferred approach for the aesthetic enhancement of the buttocks and in fact 98% of women coming to us for liposculpturing want BBA. Unlike synthetic implants, this BBA technique produces results that are natural to look and feel (see photo 7A). We want every patient to participate in their healthcare and surgical design and therefore you have a say in the size you want.

Brazilian Butt Augmentation Before and After

The 95% of the fat used for transplantation to the buttocks is living tissue. The majority of the fat is able to reestablish its natural blood supply in the buttocks, thus remaining alive. It is expected that you will keep about 80% of the fat that is transplanted and what you have after three months is what you can expect to keep, regardless of changes in diet and exercise.

As you can see, our results are simply irresistible! (see photo 7B).

Patient After Brazilian Butt Augmentation